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South Crysler Restoration Branch

Welcome to South Crysler Restoration Branch, one of many Restoration Branches working to maintain the original Gospel taught by Jesus Christ.

What We Believe…

Below are a selection of 10 videos that each briefly introduce some of our key beliefs. To view more videos, visit our Vimeo page. If you would like to learn more, please visit us! If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Principles of the Gospel

Salvation through Obedience and Love

The Word of God

Man Must Be Called of God by Prophecy

Jesus Christ’s Church

God Speaks Today

God’s Promise to Abraham Isaac and Jacob

O Worship the King

God’s Countenance In Us

We Believe the Gospel of Jesus

God Speaks Today

2022-23 Theme

Stand as Witnesses…

September– …Of Jesus Christ at All Times in All Places

October – …In a Home Centered on Christ

November – …Faithful in Prayer

December – …In Word and Deed

January – …In Meekness and Humility

February – …Inspired by the Gifts of the Spirit

March – …With a Love of God and All Men

April – …No Matter the Cost

May – …Being Ready with an Answer

June – …Lifting a Voice of Warning

July – …For the Cause of Zion

August – …In Testimony of Jesus Christ


Please send us your question or comments. We will attempt to respond as soon as we can.



    16101 Salisbury Rd
    Independence, MO  64050

    SCRB Events


    Building Calendar